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🚀The Oscar project takes its name from the legendary "OSCAR'S OASIS" animated series, and is focused on transforming abandoned land into productive fruit and vegetable gardens to promote sustainable agriculture practices and improve local communities.

🔥Our ultimate goal is to expand the project to include the development of our own game and the creation of unique NFTs. By doing so, we hope to generate additional revenue streams and increased community engagement.

✍️To achieve these goals, we are using regenerative farming techniques that prioritize soil health and environmental sustainability. Through our efforts, we aim to create thriving ecosystems that benefit both people and the planet, while also providing educational opportunities for individuals to learn about sustainable agriculture practices.

1,000,000,000 suply 100%
Tax 10%

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Phase I

Website is live

Community Building

Agressive Marketing Tier-1

Presale On Pinksale

Launch On Pancakeswap

Cmc And Cg listing

Phase II

3.000 Holders.

Marketing Tier-2

CEX's Listing

Binance AMA

First major partnership

$OSCAR NFT Mint Live

Phase III

10.000 Holders.

Marketing Tier-3

Top 10 CEX's Listing

$OSCAR P2E game is live

Crypto Influencers AMA

More coming soon...

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1. Create a Metamask Wallet

Download/install metamask from Chrome at this link: ( Or download/install MetaMask on your phone. Create a wallet or import one, be sure to store your keyphrase safely.

Switch to BSC Network MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain You can buy $OSCAR tokens with the BSC network only.

Open our Pancakeswap buy page and buy @OSCAR tokens.